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"A Neko and a Mad Scientist who make vlogs with other nerdy Protagonists... It's quite fun... Safety is not always a guarantee however. Please keep arms and legs inside the time machine at all times, thank you for riding and have a nice...would day be the right word?" The description of TheRealProtagonist's YouTube Channel .

Our viewers are known as Brotagonists, which is a term invented through Persona as being the character who is like a brother to the protagonist. We also keep our viewers in the loop of what is going on. Whether that is through our Tumblr Blog ,livestreams , personally talking to the brotagnists, or through a video. Some Brotagists also made a TRP's Fan Page , which we always check on it. Enjoying what is posted there and talking to all the fans on it. We also have a Twitter,Instagram , and gaming channel . Our gaming channel consists of us LPing games we want to play.

You can send us fanmail at: You can talk to any of the protagnists. Don't worry, we are all friendly. We always reply to every email and love to read your emails!

Who is in TRP?Edit

TRP consists of nine people. Sky , Merlin , Tommy , Austin , Ryuu , Isabell, Will, Keltion, and Megan.

Sky and Merlin are the founders of TRP, which was created in 2012 (get that checked). Then Tommy, Ryuu, and Austin were invited in. Isabell, Keltion, and Megan were invited in to TRP in 2013, along with Will joining the team that year too.

Sky, Merlin, and Will are curently the only protagonists that vlog on the channel. Every now and then we will hold a anime marathon or party and do a vlog including as many protagonists as we can.

Outside of TRP we all are firends, supporting each other, and supporting all our fans.

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