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This is Sky...not much to put here...

"There should be a quote here I think..." 


General backgroundEdit

There's a lot, so I'll fill this in when I've revisted my list.

General InformationEdit

This page needs something more than just a picture so I guess I'll write stuff off the top of my head:

My birthday is: June 26th 1995, I'm a Cancer for any who care...the zodiac symbol not the disease.

What else do people put on these things? Oh okay

Last time I checked I was about 5ft 8...and still growing...I'm losing my ability to balance well.

I don't know my blood type I'm too squeemish to get my blood drawn unless I really have to. 

I've had a lot of nicknames/aliases but the one I go by now is VelvetSoul. 

I was around since the first ever vlog. (Aren't I cool?)

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